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Seeing Clearly

How well can you see?

Seeing isn't always about having sharp eyes.

Part of the story of Jesus tells of some star gazers who spotted a unusual star. They thought it was so unusual, it must be the star of a new king.

They travelled to Jerusalem looking for a baby king. But they'd got the wrong place. They were told to try Bethlehem.

In Bethlehem, they realised as soon as they saw Jesus that he was the special king.

Epiphany from the Baltimore Prayer Book

Wide eyed with wonder and joy, they worshipped the baby Jesus.

Look Out

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Twelfth Night

Have you taken down your Christmas decorations? Twelfth night, 5th January, is traditionally the time when Christmas ends.

In medieval times the end of the Christmas season was celebrated with Yule logs, spicy food and wassail cups. A cake fit for a king was served. Whoever found a bean in their slice could be king - just for the evening

Christmas decorations

It was a time for mumming plays - a bit like Pantomime.

Next day it's Epiphany celebrating the travellers looking for the baby Jesus.

Knock, knock

Who's there?

Eye Eye

Eye who

Eye know who you are!

20/20 Vision

Eyes can blink 5 times per second

The colossal squid eye is 27cm across

Eyes close when you sneeze


Iris have 256 unique characteristics

Camel eye lashes are an enormous 10cm long

The first eye developed 550million years ago

A human eyeball weighs about 28g

Eyes close automatically to protect from danger

The most common eye colour is brown

Eyes see upside down - your brain turns it round


Do you like ice and snow? What about the cold?

A ship in McMurdo Station, Antarctica

Antarctica was not found until 1820. It's 200 years since it was first spotted. A Russian expedition led by Bellinghausen and Lazar discovered an iceshelf. Three days later Edward Bransfield sighted the Trinity Peninsula - the northern most point of the mainland.

Explorers were drawn to the southern most continent looking for animals and plants.

Antarctica from space It was a year later before anyone stepped onto the ice. Then the race was on to be first to the South Pole.

Snow capped mountain Why shouldn't you stand on ice to tell a joke?

It might crack up!

Unstable stable

Can you spot five differences between these two nativity scenes?

First nativity scene


Second nativity scene

Answers below

What can you see?

20/20 vision is all about sharpness and clarity. It means you can see what can normally be seen at a distance of 20 feet. But vision isn't just about that.

Even with 20/20 vision, sometimes your brain can be tricked. Try these puzzles on your friends.

What you do


What can you see? step 1

Which central line looks longest?

The top one has arrow ends pointing inwards.

The bottom one has arrow ends pointing outwards

Both are the same length.


What can you see? step 2

If you have an eye test, you are asked to read letters on a chart. Read these words aloud.

Did you read all the words?


What can you see? step 3

What do you see?

Is it three dimensional or just a square joined to another square at the centre ?

Is the small square at the front or the back?

Unstable stable answers

Wise men have swapped places; lambs moved; crib with baby Jesus facing the other way; Joseph looking the other way; shepherd missing.

Nativity scene differences

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