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Rebuilding the wall

City of Jerusalem The ancient city of Jerusalem once had walls to protect the people. The walls were destroyed and God's people were taken to Babylon.

When the people finally came back, there was lots of building to do. They didn't know where to start. And they felt nervous because there were no walls.

Nehemiah was sad about Jerusalem and he prayed to God about it. He felt God was telling him to help.

Rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem

He encouraged the people to come together to rebuild the walls. He organised half to build while the other half stood on guard. Despite threats and plots to prevent the walls being built, it only took 52 days to complete.

The people celebrated, praised God and gave thanks for God's help.

Starting over begins prayer and help.

Dry stone wall maze

Do you like puzzling out how to reach the centre of a maze?


An exciting new maze is being built in the middle of the Dalby Forest.

Dry stone wall It being built slowly, made of dry stone walls 2m high with gates, stiles and squeezes in the walls.

A massive 4320 tonnes of stone will be used.

Lots of people are involved. You can see their initials carved in the stone.

Repair the wall

A stone is missing from this wall. Which stone would you pick to repair it?

Repair the wall
Repair the wall

Answers below.

Look Out

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Top Facts about Walls

The first city walls are over 12,000 years old.

Hadrian's Wall is the longest wall in Europe at 73 miles.

Hadrian's Wall west of Housesteads

The highest climbing wall is 121 feet tall.

"Lacey" stone walls are found in windy places.

The Great Wall of China is the world's longest wall but can't be seen from outer space.

An Indian monk once sat thinking in front of a wall for 9 years.

Berlin Wall

Imagine a wall built in the middle of your town stopping your friends visiting.

Berlin Wall In 1961, a barrier of barbed wire went up overnight cutting off East Berlin from West Berlin in Germany. It was 140km long.

Later it became a concrete wall with armed guards. In the East it was seen as protecting people, in the West it was seen as preventing people from moving freely.

There were over 100,000 attempts to escape.

Thirty years ago, the Wall was knocked down.

Friends and families able to visit each other again. Berlin and the whole of Germany had to rebuild their lives together.

Wailing Wall

The Western Wall of the Temple Mount in Jerusalem was the closest wall to The Temple. It is all that’s left of the Old Temple complex.

Western Wall in Jerusalem The wall above ground is 50m long and about 20m high and is built of large limestone blocks.

Today it's often known as the Wailing Wall and is a place of pilgrimage and prayer for the Jewish people.

Pilgrims often write their prayers on paper and insert them into the cracks in the wall.

Knock, knock

Who's there?


Berlin who?

Berlin the water for a cup of coffee!

Green Wall

In towns and cities. green walls covered with plants are popular. Pockets of compost are planted up and water systems added. They are hung against walls - like a disguise.

Green walls are cooling, provide homes for insects and help improve the air quality.

Try your own mini version.

What you need

What you need for Green Wall
  • plastic bottle with cap
  • scissors
  • garden wire
  • compost
  • plant: herbs, flowering plants or ivy.

What you do


Green Wall step 1

Wash and dry the bottle.

Cut a window about half way down the bottle and about half way round the bottle.


Green Wall step 2

Cut a hole in the bottom of the bottle big enough to insert the top and neck of another bottle.


Green Wall step 3

Poke a hole in the bottle on the opposite side from the window, about 2cm from the bottom.

Bend one end of the wire into a hook and fasten through the hole.

Measure this long piece of wire against where you are hanging your wall before cutting and making a second hook.


Green Wall step 4

Add a second by poking the neck through the base of the first bottle and fastening the cap on the inside. Fix to railing or fence with wire.


Green Wall step 5

Fasten the top to the bottle before adding compost through the window. Make sure there's enough to plant a small plant.


Green Wall step 6

Plant up and watch your green wall grow.

Don't forget to water the wall or your plants will die!

Repair the wall answer

Stone d will fit the hole.

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