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A bottle of Perfume

What do you like to smell? Lilac or roses, chocolate cake or spices, cheese or bread?

Alabaster amphora A woman once brought a posh jar of perfume to Jesus when he was visiting a friend.

Instead of giving it to him, she opened the jar and poured the expensive perfume over his head and feet. The scent filled the room.

The disciples thought this was a waste. But Jesus told them that the woman had done something really beautiful for him.

She showed how special she thought Jesus was.

What would you do to show Jesus is special to you?

Red Nose Day

Do you like a good laugh?

Red Nose Day In 2019 Comic relief raised over £74 million to support families, provide safe places to live and give children a brighter future.

Laughter is a great way to raise money and make people feel good too.

Do your bit by putting a funny poster in your window or trying the nose and spoon race!

Knock knock

Head and nose Who's there?


Nose who?

I nose lots more knock knock jokes!

Woman What did the nose say to the sports captain?

Pick me, I can run!

Nosy facts

Nose There are 14 basic nose shapes.

You can't taste anything without help from your nose.

The nose is a great air filter trapping germs and dust.

Sneezes travel at 100 miles per hour!

Each day the nose makes a litre of mucus. Yuck!

No bones - just cartilage.

Nose shape changes your voice!

45% of people snore.

12 million receptor cells help you to identify smells. Wow!

Noses droop and grow longer over time.

Look Out

#Kidzclub at 9:30am fortnightly on Sundays at Sunbury's YouTube channel

Identify the nose

Can you match the nose to the animal?

Grid of 6 pictures of animal noses

  • cat
  • dog
  • frog
  • guinea pig
  • horse
  • sheep

Answers below.

Citrus simmer pot

Is Mum a special someone to you? Don't forget Mothering Sunday on 14th March. Here's a sweet smelling idea.

What you need

What you need for Citrus simmer pot
  • large clean jam jar with lid
  • ribbon, stickers, glue and paper to decorate

1 Ingredients

Ingredients for Citrus simmer pot
  • one orange
  • one lemon
  • citrus peel
  • cloves, cinnamon stick
  • sprig of rosemary or bay leaves
  • chopping board
  • knife
  • water


Citrus simmer pot step 2

Decorate the clean jam jar with stickers and paper.

Try heart and flowers shapes.

Cut a paper circle about the same size as the lid and glue to the top of the lid.


Citrus simmer pot step 3

Using the knife and chopping board, cut the lemon and orange into quarters or rings or chunks.

Tip: ask an adult for help with the sharp knife.


Citrus simmer pot step 4

Carefully place the bits of citrus fruit in the jar, making a pattern. Add a cinnamon stick or cloves or bay leaves or a sprig of rosemary as you go.


Citrus simmer pot step 5

Top up the jar with water before screwing the lid tightly in place.

Tie a ribbon and bow to the neck of the jar.

To use: Open the jar and place the contents in a pan and simmer allowing the spicy citrus perfume to spread through the air. Top up with more water as needed.

Keep in the fridge if not using immediately.

Identify the nose

Grid of 6 pictures of animal noses

  1. cat
  2. frog
  3. sheep
  4. horse
  5. dog
  6. guinea pig

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