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In Bible times, farmers left uncut ears of corn at the edges of fields and anything reapers dropped was left behind.

Woman gleaning corn from a field margin

The poor and hungry followed the harvest to gather what was left. Then they would have enough to bake bread for a meal too.

Naomi and her daughter-in-law, Ruth were widows who came to live in Naomi's home town. All was strange to Ruth. They found some shelter but needed food.

Ruth went everyday into the harvest fields and gathered the fallen corn to share with Naomi.

Harvest was shared with everyone.

Who are you sharing Harvest with?

Operation Pied Piper

Do you know the story of the Pied Piper? He got rid of all the rats in a town. When the townspeople refused to pay him, he led their children away into the mountains and they were never seen again.

Operation Pied Piper poster Just before the start of WWII in September 1939, the British government began Operation Pied Piper.

About 3 million people were evacuated from towns and cities to the countryside, most of them school children. Some thought it was an adventure or a holiday.

Mothers Let Them Go Poster They went to live with strangers where everything was different from what they were used to. Many were homesick. Some children were expected to do farm work or were treated like servants.

It was along time before many saw their parents again.

Sun Why doesn't bread like warm weather?

Because it gets too toasty!

Find the wheat

Help the mouse fine the ear of wheat. Which path should it follow?

Help the mouse fine the ear of wheat

Answers below.

Look Out

Hampton: All Age service 8th September 10.30am

Sunbury: SundayKidzClub 8th September 3.30pm

Sunbury: Aloud 13th September 7-9pm

East Molesey: Alight 20th September 4.30pm

Hampton: Gospel Illusions 21st September 10am

Teddington: Harvest Breakfast and All Age Service 22nd September 10.00am

East Molesey: Harvest All Age 6th October 10.30am

Top Facts about Harvest Mice

Tend to be active at dawn and dusk.

Harvest mouse

Weigh about as much as a 2p.

Weave balls of grass into nests, suspended above ground in long grass at the edge of fields or in reeds

Eat insects as well as fruit and seeds

Have a prehensile tail which wraps round stalks and helps balance

Tail as long as body, just 5-7cm long

Have rusty coloured fur with a white tummy

Hope is taking Root

How do you like your potato? Mashed, chipped or in its jacket?

Potato harvest © All We Can

This year the charity All We Can is focussing on Ethiopia and potatoes.

Dry ground and hot weather can mean the harvest is poor. If the harvest is poor many families don't have enough to eat or money to pay for school.

All We Can helps teach farmers about different crops. They provide crop seeds - and seed potatoes!

A good potato crop can feed a family.

Have you grown potatoes?

What did the butter say to the bread?

I'm on a roll!

Harvest Mice Rolls

What you need

What you need for Harvest Mice Rolls
  • mixing bowl
  • wooden spoon
  • greased baking trays
  • pastry brush

1 Ingredients

Ingredients for Harvest Mice Rolls
  • 500g bread mix
  • 325ml warm water
  • currants
  • beaten egg


Harvest Mice Rolls step 2

Mix together the packet ingredients with warm water in the mixing bowl.

Draw together into a dough.


Harvest Mice Rolls step 3

Knead on a floured surface for about 5 minutes until stretchy.


Harvest Mice Rolls step 4

Break into about 8 rounds saving enough dough to make tails.

Shape each round into a pointed face with ears.

Roll a sausage piece of dough for the tail and trail over the back of the body. Pinch the tail to the body.


Harvest Mice Rolls step 5

Place on a baking tray and cover with a damp cloth. Leave in a warm place to rise for about 40 minutes until doubled in size.


Harvest Mice Rolls step 6

Push currants into the face for eyes.

Brush gently with beaten egg and bake in a hot oven at 210°C for 15 to 20 minutes until golden brown.

Tip: Ask and adult for help with the oven.


Harvest Mice Rolls step 7

Allow to cool

Enjoy sharing a yummy harvest mouse roll - enough bread and enough to share!

Find the wheat answer

The mouse should follow path c.

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