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A Big Change

Did you know Pentecost is one of the big Christian festivals like Christmas and Easter?

When Jesus couldn't stay with his friends any longer, he promised to send the Holy Spirit to help them share his message everywhere.

But after Jesus had gone, the friends were afraid and stayed locked in a room in Jerusalem and waited. Suddenly the help arrived like wind and fire, the friends felt the power, warmth and energy inside them.

Painting of the angel in the tomb They were transformed from being followers to leaders.

The message they shared changed peoples lives. And goes on changing lives today.

Celebrate with your friends.


If you could change anything, what would it be?

You don't need to be a hero or superhero to make a change.

Musah and Fatimata wanted a school built in their village in Ghana. The nearest one was just too far away to walk there in time for lessons. And they'd have to walk back at the end of school.

They asked the government for help. Together with the charity Christian Aid, a school was built changing their lives - they could be a doctor, nurse, teacher or lawyer!

A school in Ghana held under the trees

Christian Aid helps people in need in over 50 countries around the world and transforms ordinary lives.

Can you do something to help?

Candle Knock, knock

Who's there?


Flo who?

Flo out the candles!

Word ladder

Changing one letter at a time, can you find two words that transform wind to fire?

Wind to fire word ladder

Answers below.

Look Out

Here's the winner in our Easter Art Extravaganza.

He is risen

This month we challenge you to create an art work about Shepherds and Sheep. It could be a portrait or landscape, in paint or pencil, a collage or sculpture. It can be as big or small as you like. You could even try giant art using your patio or lawn as the canvas.

Take a photo of your finished masterpiece and send the image to us at take 5

The Lady with the Lamp

It's 200 years since a girl called Florence was born. She had a nice home and a good education. She was really good at maths.

She really wanted to be a nurse at a time when girls from her background didn't do that sort of thing, but Florence was determined.

Florence Nightingale

Florence became a nurse and was asked join a group of nurses at a field hospital looking after soldiers injured in the Crimean War. Her habit of walking the wards in the night earned her the nick name "The Lady with the Lamp".

A chart created by Florence Nightingale Florence knew nursing care, cleanliness and food were important. But also recognised good organisation, observations and records helped save lives.

She transformed care of sick and injured.

No wonder Florence Nightingale lends her name to the NHS Field Hospitals set up to help with the 2020 pandemic.

Kite Doctor, Doctor can you give me something for wind?

Here's a kite.

New from Old

Turn your old wax crayons into a rainbow of new colours.

What you need

What you need for New from Old
  • old wax crayons
  • patty pan or mini muffin tin
  • knife
  • oven
  • fridge or freezer
  • newspaper

What you do


New from Old step 1

Peel any remaining paper off the old crayons.

Sort into colours as you go.


New from Old step 2

Break into small pieces over a sheet of newspaper.

Tip: you may find it easier to put a nick in the crayon with a knife before breaking it.


New from Old step 3

Place a mix of colours in each patty pan.

Put in the oven at 150°C for 10-15 minutes until just melted.

Tip: ask an adult for help with the oven.


New from Old step 4

Carefully remove from oven allow to cool before placing in fridge or freezer for about 30 minutes until the wax has set.


New from Old step 5

Knock them out of the patty pans.

See if you can make a rainbow with all the new crayons.

Word Ladder Answer

Wind to fire word ladder answers

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