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Just one seed

Have you planted a seed which grew and grew?

Germinating seeds

Jesus told this story to tell people what God's kingdom was like.

It was about a tiny seed which grew and grew and grew. But it wasn't a sunflower or a runner bean. The seed grew into a tree, a tree which was big enough to shelter birds.

Like the seed, God's kingdom starts small but grows into something much bigger. So big there is lots of room for everyone - even for birds!

Look Out

Hanworth: 6th October Youth Club 5.30-6.30pm

Sunbury: 6th and 20th October ALOUD 7-8pm

Hampton: 7th October ShoutAbout 10.30-12noon

Sunbury: 8th October Animal Rescue Zoo 3.30pm

Messy Church

Hampton: 24th October Messy Church 10.30am -12noon

East Molesey: 25-27th October Splodge 10.30am -12noon

Hanworth: 3rd November Fireworks Party 6.00pm

Seed Collecting Season

Each autumn the Tree Council has a seed collecting season ending in mid October.

Tree in autumn Tree wardens work alongside local communities to tell them the importance of trees and how to grow trees.

People are encouraged to collect good seeds from trees and grow healthy trees for the future. Growing local seed also suits the local environment.

Try planting an acorn or spinner.

Jar of mustard Knock, knock

Who's there?


Mustard who?

Mustard left it in the car!


The seed of the horse chestnut tree is very large.

When the seed case drops off the tree in the autumn it breaks open to reveal brown, shiny conkers.

Conker ready to play The traditional game conkers is for two players, each with a conker threaded on string. The players take it in turns to try to hit the other's conker with their conker.

The game is won by the player whose conker is left on their string. It can then go on to play another game. A score is kept of the number of games won.

Conkers is a popular game around the world. The world championships are held in Ashton, England on the second Sunday of October.

Reformation 500

500 years ago was a time of changes. More people learned to read and write. Books were printed rather than written by hand. Explorers travelled to other countries and brought back ideas. Science was investigating the mysteries of nature and space.

Doors to All Saints Church Wittenburg A monk called Martin Luther found differences between The Bible and the ways of the Catholic Church. He nailed a list of questions on the church door at Wittenburg as a protest.

There was a split from the Catholic Church and a new church was started. This led to the kind of worship we have in our church today with hymn singing and Bible readings that everyone can understand.

All because one man asked some questions!

Pile of logs What's a tree's least favourite month?


Match the seed to the tree
Match the seeds

Which trees are these seeds from?

1 ash 5 horse chestnut
2 beech 6 lime
3 birch 7 oak
4 hornbeam 8 sycamore

Answers below.

Bird feeder

Feed the birds this autumn and winter with this seed bird feeder.

What you need

What you need for Bird feeder
  • 120g wild bird seeds
  • 40g suet or hard fat
  • string
  • straw
  • large biscuit cutter
  • plate and baking paper
  • wooden spoon
  • metal spoon
  • pan

What you do


Bird feeder step 1

Place the biscuit cutter on the baking paper on the plate and leave on one side.


Bird feeder step 2

Place the fat in the pan and heat gently over a low heat until it just melts.

Stir in the bird seed until it sticks together.

Tip: Ask an adult for help with the hot fat.


Bird feeder step 3

Spoon into the cutter until it is full.

Press down with the back of the metal spoon making sure there are no holes or spaces.


Bird feeder step 4

Push in a short piece of straw, not too close to the edge.


Bird feeder step 5

Leave in the fridge to set overnight before gently easing out of the cutter.

Thread a string through the straw.


Bird feeder step 6

Hang in the garden.

Enjoy watching the birds eat the seeds!

Match the seed to the tree

Here are the seeds that come from each tree.

Match the seeds


1 ash d
2 beech g
3 birch h
4 hornbeam f
5 horse chestnut e
6 lime b
7 oak c
8 sycamore a


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