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Good News

Angels are messengers from God.

Their greeting often begins "Don't be afraid" but they bring good news.

Angel messenger

There are lots of them in the Christmas story. The angel Gabriel visited Zechariah (John the Baptist' dad) and then he visited Mary to tell her about Jesus. A whole crowd of angels arrive in Bethlehem to tell the shepherds that baby Jesus had been born.

Baby Jesus - what a special message to us from God.

Look Out

Hanworth: Junior Boxing Monday and Friday 7.00-7.45pm

Hanworth: Youth Club Friday 5.30-6.30pm

Sunbury: 8th December ALOUD 7-8pm

Sunbury: 10th December Christingle 3.30pm

East Molesey: 10th December Gift service 10:30am

Hampton: 10th December All Age Worship 10.30am

Hampton: 16th December Messy Church 3-5pm

Teddington: 17th December Nativity 10.30am

East Molesey: 21st December 9.30am Christmas Splodge

Teddington: 24th December Christingle 4.00pm

Knitted Angels

Knitted angels Knitters from the five Methodist churches in this area have been busy making angels.

Knitted angels They will be found in shops and in the community during the week before Christmas

All of them will have a message. They are a gift from the church to the finder, this Christmas.

Look out for them in the shops near you!

Angel playing harp Knock, knock

Who's there?


Harp who?

Harp the herald angels sing!

Angel What did one angel say to another?

Halo there!

Christmas Message

Have you written any Christmas Cards?

They are a great way to send messages to friends and relatives to wish them a Happy Christmas.

The first Christmas card

The first cards were the idea of Sir Henry Cole along with his friend John Horsely who designed the first card. Cards soon had all sorts of pictures from robins and snow to nativity scenes. Some are studded with jewels or sprinkled with glitter.

The idea took along time to catch on because the cards and stamp for posting were expensive. Now billions of Christmas cards are sent around the world.

Who will you send a Christmas message to?

Another Christmas Message

Have you seen the Queen on TV at Christmas?

King George V The first time a King or Queen made a Christmas speech was in 1932 when George V was persuaded to make a Christmas radio broadcast.

It became a tradition although the speech in now on television. The Queen's Christmas message is broadcast at 3pm on Christmas Day .

It is filmed in Buckingham Palace. Clips of events in the Queen's year are also shown.

The message is her personal message and reflects her concern for people in this country.

Christmas Sudoku

Here are some clues to help you complete the acrostic

Christmas Sudoku puzzle Answers below.

Angel Gift Box

Make this angel to give to someone at Christmas.

What you need

What you need for Angel Gift Box
  • empty crisp tube
  • shiny wrapping paper or kitchen foil
  • white or coloured paper
  • glitter
  • sparkly pipecleaner
  • glue stick
  • skewer
  • scissors
  • felt pens

What you do


Angel Gift Box step 1

Remove the lid from the tube. Measure a piece of wrapping paper big enough to wrap round the tube with a small overlap and long enough to tuck into the top of the tube.


Angel Gift Box step 2

Spread glue on the sides of the tube. Make there is plenty of blue at the top and bottom edge.

Carefully roll the tube in the paper and glue the overlap in place.

Tip: Use the metal ring at the bottom to guide the paper round.


Angel Gift Box step 3

Glue inside the tube at the top and tuck the paper inside.


Angel Gift Box step 4

Poke two holes on opposite sides of the tube about 2cm from the top.

Tip: Ask and adult for help with this.

Thread the sparkly pipecleaner through the hole, folding it up about 1cm on the inside. Do the same on the other side to form a halo.


Angel Gift Box step 5

Fold the white paper in half, bringing the short edges together. Cut out wings.

Unfold the paper and add glue to the wing tips and sprinkle with glitter.

Glue down the centre fold of the wings and press on to the tube.


Angel Gift Box step 6

Cut out a circle the same size as the lid of the tube.

Draw an angel face with the felt pens.

Glue to the top of the tube so the top of the head is just higher than the top of the tube.

Replace the lid.


Angel Gift Box step 7

Add a Christmas gift and message.

Christmas Sudoku answers


Christmas Sudoku answers

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